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Get involved. Write your representatives!  

Contact information and a sample collection of email communications that can be used to write Napa County and City of Calistoga representatives.  

Napa County Board of Supervisors






City of Calistoga Councilmembers

Mayor Donald Williams
Phone: 707-479-8660

Vice Mayor Irais Lopez-Ortega
Phone: 707-294-8379

Councilmember Lisa Gift
Phone: 707-339-0343

Councilmember Scott Cooper
Phone: 707-889-0901

Councilmember Kevin Eisenberg


Emails to ALL the city council is:

(These emails are considered to be public records)


Dear Calistoga Councilmembers,


Thank you so much for the Special Meeting that was scheduled, and held, on Thursday April 22nd. My name is Molly Towey, I am the lead person for the 'Friends of the Napa County Fairgrounds'. Born and raised in our beautiful Valley, I have been a contributing community member of the Napa Valley for decades. I finally was able to move to Calistoga full time in 2015, but spent my entire youth coming to this town every summer since birth. The love I feel for my community has only increased over the last 4 years, with the outward show of unity and strength by our town, in the face of fear and devastation due to the fires. Covid, and the ensuing 'shut downs', seemed to put an exclamation point on the importance of our Town's path towards beauty and longevity, for the community members who live here year round. It is well known how much our Napa Valley depends on the support of tourism, yet our residents have shown the true meaning of community by rising 'ad hoc', to support each other locally during this past year.


I believe, for me, the Napa County Fairgrounds property took on a new important meaning during this last year. I volunteer at the Foodbank, and was able to look around at the beauty, and benefits, of this historic property. Last October, seeing the small 'City of Saviors' who mobilized at the Fairground property, made my heart swell with pride. The Napa County Fairgrounds property, in its entirety, provided a peaceful, beautiful, and essential space for the Firefighters, PG&E, cable companies, and many others, to regenerate for their next moves on the fires for the Valley and neighboring Counties. The reasons for the City of Calistoga to own this property go on and on.


I want to thank all of the Calistoga Councilmembers, past and present, for the hard work you have put towards this endeavor-and the Special Meeting certainly answered many questions and rumors surrounding this ongoing effort by the City of Calistoga to purchase this property. This entire 70+ acres is so valuable to our town, not in a monetary sense, but in a definite 'jewel for our community crown' vision.

My follow up questions have come after much thought, and re-watching, of the Special Meeting. This email is addressed to all of you, hopefully to keep the process of streamlining questions and answers, flowing openly to the Friends of the Napa County Fairgrounds members. We are dedicated to being part of the positive solution for this community effort.    


1.) How do we approach the Napa County about including the golf course as part of the purchase?

2.) Is the golf course non-inclusion in the purchase directly connected to a monetary issue?

3.) When will the information on the General Municipal Bond inquiries be available to the public?       

4.) What is breakdown of different amounts of General Municipal Bonds to be shouldered by Calistoga residents?

5.) What is Calistoga's maximum 'Bond' (ability)?

6.) How many Bonds are allowed to Calistoga per year?

7.) Mayor Chris Canning stated that the Napa County doesn't have the money to fund or support the fairgrounds--Shouldn't this work in our favor towards a purchase agreement?

8.) What is the process exactly when it is stated 'We will keep touching base with the Napa County Supervisors' in regards to this purchase?

9.) As a private Napa Valley resident, what would you suggest as a proactive/positive, mode of communication to our Napa County Supervisors on this topic?

10.)  Should the City make it a policy to refrain from considering approval any contracts for use permit requests from organizations or the County on the property until the purchase of the Fairgrounds has taken place.


Molly Towey

Re: Fairgrounds, February 2021, Nextdoor, Julie Elkeshen
"Does anyone know if the golf course serves as a wetland for all those Geese, and all those redwood trees! When functioning properly it was an amazing little golf course. And for those that are new - we have a long forgotten high school golf team that introduced many children to the sport who have never otherwise have a chance. And the value of defensible space in the middle of town? I think it’s where we release a lot of the gray water for the city as well. It serves as a beautiful green space in our town. And a place for us to hold our philanthropic events and gatherings that help promote cohesion in our town. And with hotel cost averaging $600-800 a night- the RV park is essential. Once that land and resources is gone - It’s gone! Imagine the people that had the foresight to create central park In the midst of New York’s high cost real estate and all the National parks that we are all grateful to enjoy. We could stage all city services there and having it to stage Cal fire during these trying times eas strangely comforting. I hope that our new residents and current residents start to think about the vision for Calistoga out further than the immediate future and look to see how we can become a sustainable city. Focus on the resources water, power and just the overall infrastructure having the ability to take much more population and traffic. it is absolutely irresponsible not to consider these things. Please have some vision into the future like they did with our original general plan. I am not intending this to be discussion about affordable housing but just serve as some deep pondering questions about the importance of space and resources for the existing community. For those of you who are new- the fairgrounds has always served as a beautiful community connector in many ways. I’m sad for the new residents that have never experienced our amazing social philanthropic events, birthday parties, weddings, and a thriving Art Center and please don’t let us forget the traditional high school graduation that all kids dreamed of for 12 years. The space Is so much more than just something to sell to generate immediate revenue the space serves our community and helps to connect us in so many ways. I think of the bravery of the people who initially instituted our “ag preserve” it was a long fought battle with the board of supervisors and the new and old residents. I hope all residents research the importance of this, it is our history. I really hope that our current leadership has the vision and tenacity to do what’s right for the health and longevity of not only business but our residents." Thank you Julie.

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