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Time to Write the Napa County Board of Supervisors!

Hello, Friends of the Napa County Fairgrounds.

Calistoga Council member, Don Williams, and Calistoga Mayor, Chris Canning, have made progress to make an offer on the entire Napa County Fairgrounds, which would include the Mount St. Helena Golf Course. In a closed meeting on Jan.12, the Calistoga Council voted to unanimously move forward with an offer to the Napa County Supervisors. The Calistoga City Council has directed the Calistoga City Attorney to proceed in preparing the terms and conditions of an offer. This purchase process was left unfinished in March of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic shut down. The plan, at that time, was for the City of Calistoga to proceed with the purchase of half of the 70 total acres of the Napa County Fairgrounds. The golf course was not included in this purchase agreement. Friends of Napa County Fairgrounds believed, from the beginning of our group conception, that the purchase should include the golf course. This is good news, and proof that our community voice is being heard. There are many groups joining the effort, in support, to return the entire Fairgrounds property to the City of Calistoga (see racetrack letter here).

One of the key factors in this purchase negotiation is to keep the financial impact to a minimum for our community residents. It seems, by all indications, that the upward trajectory of Calistoga's TOT, Transient Occupancy Tax, is exceeding Calistoga Council members' expectations. This unexpected financial windfall is an important piece of news for purchasing the Fairgrounds property -the influx of tourism dollars is doing exactly what it should - feeding our Napa Valley city governments to allow us to be self-sustaining.

It is time for members of Friends of the Napa County Fairgrounds to make our voices heard. We need to email the current standing Napa County Supervisors and all of the candidates who are vying for District #1 and District #3 seats that will be up for election in 2022. The 5 Napa County Supervisors collectively hold the future of our entire Napa Valley in their hands. The decisions made by Napa County Supervisors should always reflect their constituents' wants and needs! We have included the current Napa County Supervisor email addresses and the candidates campaigning for the 2 seats available in 2022. Please flood their emails with letters of support for the purchase of the Napa County Fairgrounds, and why it is important to our Calistoga community and our entire Napa Valley. Yes, we are one whole Valley, what happens in this Valley affects all of us. Time for us on the northernmost end to be heard loud and clear. Thank you for being a part of this very important group, Friends of the Napa County Fairgrounds! **These are the current Napa County Supervisors** Brad Wagenknecht: Ryan Gregory: Diane Dillon: Alfredo Pedroza: Belia Ramos: **These are the current candidates campaigning for the 2 seats up for election in 2022** Suzanne Truchard: David Graves: Joelle Gallagher: Rafael Rios lll:

Lucio Perez: John Dunbar: Ines DeLuna: Anne Cottrell: Matt Hooper: Anna Chouteau: Garrett Hale: TBD

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